About us

Scandinavia’s fastest consulting company.

Stretch is a consulting company that creates business value

Stretch is Scandinavia’s fastest consulting company. We love speed! We have the curiosity and drive to constantly dare to evolve and push the boundaries. Stretch companies change with the world around us and the market, and maintain a constant focus on creating added business value for our clients.

In our strive for business value in all we do, we prefer:

  • Business value rather than cost, time and function
  • Many small steps rather than long-term planning
  • One team rather than separate teams for IT and operations
  • One life cycle rather than division into project and administration
  • Close dialogue rather than contracts and documentation

We don’t do everything for everyone

Founded in 2002 with an ambition to be the most exciting consulting company in the Scandinavian market Stretch Group is now making a difference by always keeping a focus on business value and offering reliable delivery and entrepreneurship for our clients. We are developing constantly, both as a company and as individuals. We our curious, we strive to achieve results in our own and our clients’ operations, although never to such an extent that we neglect consideration for the individual.

The Group operates in the Scandinavian market, with offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Copenhagen and Oslo. We have 200 speedy employees in all.


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