• Prosci

    Since 1994 Prosci has continued to ask questions about how to effectively help people embrace and adopt change. Prosci’s best practices research is the largest body of knowledge on the subject, and they have used that research to power models and solutions for their clients. As an Authorized Training Provider we are proud to offer five role based training programs (including Prosci Change Management certifiaction program), in addition to advice our customers with our Prosci certified Change Managers.

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  • SAP

    As a market leader in business systems, SAP can help organizations to deal with the disadvantages of large complex systems and create new opportunities. Stretch has been a SAP partner since 2002. We are now an implementation partner for the entire suite, sales partner for Ariba and Business ByDesign, and a build partner for HANA Cloud Platform. SAP functionality covers both a business’s core and support processes, making it a complete business system.

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  • SAP Ariba

    Do you want to maximize the business value of your purchasing function? Reduce costs and minimize risks by digitalizing your purchases. SAP Ariba is the leading cloud-based solution for the entire purchasing process. From negotiations to agreements, through ordering to invoice management and payment. Stretch is the Scandinavian leader in SAP Ariba.

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  • Salesforce

    Salesforce is a world-leading CRM application that gives you major opportunities to grow and become more efficient in sales, customer service and marketing. You will gain an entirely new way of working with clients, in the cloud. We’ve been a partner with Salesforce since 2013. With our broad knowledge of CRM combined with specialist knowledge of Salesforce, our consultants are highly skilled.

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  • Microsoft

    Stretch has been a Microsoft partner for quite some time and we practice what we preach. Microsoft’s solutions are an important part of both our own and our clients’ operations – day in and day out. We routinely provide solutions with Office 365, SharePoint, modern web services and business intelligence. We are well aware of the power of Microsoft’s cloud solutions when they’re correctly used.

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  • Atlassian

    Stretch Atlassian Solution Partner Program guides you in implementing and further developing your Atlassian tools. You can focus on business value and delivery while we make sure that JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and HipChat are providing the right support for your teams.

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  • Qlik

    The Qlik Business Discovery platform offers self-service BI that enables users to make more innovative solutions. The platform is based on a unique association technology that makes it easy to search in large data sets to find correlations and draw new conclusions. Stretch has been a selected Qlik partner in Sweden, Norway and Denmark since 2014.

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  • Signicat

    Signicat is one of the leading European suppliers of electronic identities and solutions for electronic signatures. The company, founded in 2007, supplies online-based services to the public and private sectors around the world. In collaboration with Signicat, we at Stretch have developed an app for Salesforce that gives you direct access to electronic signatures for documents in your Salesforce business processes.

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  • EPI-USE Labs

    Curious about add-ons for SAP with focus on creating more business value from your SAP installation and reducing TCO? EPI-USE Labs products are useful in, for example, complying with GDPR legislation, optimizing your SAP landscape, upgrading to HANA, etc. All are designed to create better, quicker and more powerful SAP systems, saving both time and money. We know how you can gain more business value from your SAP installation with EPI-USE Labs.

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