We deliver value and care for each other

April 26, 2017 |


My name is Hampus and I am a Business Area Manager at Stretch in Malmö. I am responsible for our project managers and business analysts. I also work as a consultant, IT-project manager and program manager, amongst others at one of our customers which is a large energy supplier here in Skåne

The possibility to combine several roles within the company is an indication of the flat and responsive organization we have here at Stretch. It is an organization that encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. I have for example always wanted to work with business development which I get the chance to do here. I get to keep in close contact and deliver value for our customers, and that is the best part of our job.

You will recognize a Stretch consultant when you see one

I bumped into consultants from Stretch at my previous employer and I could immediately recognize them without asking who they were working for. Unlike many other consultancy companies, they showed each other care and have a sense of belonging between them. That personal commitment inspired me and made me curious if I could be part of that. When I later got the opportunity to start working at Stretch, I immediately said yes.

We make a huge difference

We stand for a maximized business value, and that is what we help our customers to focus on. To achieve our goals change is sometimes needed, and change is something we recommend to do in minor steps. When you carry out changes in minor steps you sometimes need to pause, take a step back and reflect on how far you have actually come. It is in these reflections you can feel extra proud and appreciate the difference we make. Another thing that makes me proud is when we engage with the locally community here in Malmö, for example when we helped a women’s shelter pro bono with a more efficient process and system support.

My 3 best things in life 

Love, food, intellectual and physical challenges.

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