Being part of Stretch is unique

April 26, 2017 |


My name is Andreas and I’m a consultant at Stretch. As Project Manager, I’m responsible for e-commerce as well as customer and product management. What I like the most about my job is that I get to operate in a fast-paced and global environment. It’s exciting to have the possibility to influence and make a large impact for a lot of people. There’s something new happening everyday which I quickly need to react on, and I really enjoy that!

They have my back

Although I mostly work from  my customer’s office, my colleagues at Stretch always have my back.  Additionally I feel that I have a large possibility to influence my own situation and role. If I’m not enjoying my assignments it’s up to me to change it and find something that motivates me. In other words, I set my own goals and get the support I need to achieve them.

This is real

The best thing about Stretch is our personal atmosphere. The concern for the employees feels genuine and real. Right before my first day I got flowers sent to me, to welcome me to my new job. It was not because they felt they needed to, but because it was something they wanted to do.

At my last birthday I got a notice from my boss at Stretch saying that we should have lunch together to celebrate my birthday. As I was working at home that day, he came to my neighborhood and we ate lunch at a place nearby my house. A small but still a very appreciated thing that made such a difference to me.

In other words, I feel close to my boss. We can talk rubbish on the same terms – relaxed and without formality. And that goes for everyone at Stretch, regardless of what role you have or who you are. We all operate on the same level.

My 3 best things in life

Cooking (cooking and eating), travelling and my motorcycles

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