The role as a consultant is not as lonely as I thought it would be. It’s the opposite!

April 26, 2017 |


My name is Kristina and I’m working as Business Consultant at Stretch. The best part of my job is the fact that I get to meet people and a chance to influence the business of our customers. I enjoy solving problems and developing businesses.

When I decided to take on the consulting role, I must admit that I felt a bit uncertain. But after a friendly welcoming at Stretch, that feeling disappeared immediately. I thought the consulting role would be lonely, but it’s rather the opposite. Although I work from my customer’s office and only see my colleagues at Stretch once a month, I know they always have my back. In addition to my colleagues at Stretch I now have colleagues out on the assignment. So instead of being alone, I now have twice as many colleagues!

Our managers make sure that we thrive

The best things about Stretch are my colleagues and our warm and welcoming culture. Our  managers care about us, and they make sure that we are where we want to be in our career. We have an open, free and flexible environment. They trust us and let us take responsibility.

Stretch really understand the importance of work/life-balance, which is very appreciated especially when you have small kids. And given our open culture, all coworkers are involved in setting our business plans and strategies. That makes me feel even more involved in the company.

That feeling of togetherness

Stretch is a driven company with clear visions and goals. Our goals feel within our reach as we do not set unobtainable goals for ourselves.  We are all involved and help each other to achieve these goals. In other words, we really have that feeling of togetherness, and we work towards the same thing. Every day!

My 3 best things in life

Family, traveling and horses

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