Stretch Gothenburg

Digital journeys for intelligent companies

Speed and reflection

Things have never gone as quick as now, and at the same time, they’ll never again go as slow. The symbiosis between technological development and our changed behavior produces ever-increasing speed – some call this digitalization. Our digital journey begins not in distant visions of the future, but rather in the here and now at a blazing speed that paralyzes organizations and that is beyond what people can keep up with.

We believe that our digital journey can create space for reflection and contribute to a sustainable society. We describe a digital journey as an end-to-end process that brings together technology, processes and people for the purpose of simplifying processes and increasing process speeds, with only minimal human involvement. Our digital journey is not an overblown digital transformation, but made up instead of value-prioritized solutions for actual challenges.

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Focus on SAP and cloud solutions

Stretch Göteborg focuses on services in the SAP business system and change management. We modernize client organizations that employ SAP technology, such as migrations to HANA, moves to the cloud, new value-creating add-ons or a new cloud-based ERP in the form of SAP Business ByDesign. We have a strong reputation in Gothenburg, with ample experience and technical expertise. In combination with solid understanding of business operations and organizations, this creates long-term value for our clients.

Our digital journeys are based on small-scale development and agile methods, well-suited for businesses, large as well as small, that want to accomplish sustainable change. Stretch Göteborg has the knowledge to configure digital journeys that influence all areas of business. The foundation consists of integration and development, which must be secure and scalable.

Stretch Göteborg is a leading specialty supplier of SAP-related services with a technological focus on business intelligence, integration, Basis, security and cloud solutions. We enjoy sharing our experiences, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Business goals

We configure digital journeys with cloud solutions and automated processes for the intelligent companies of the future.