Stretch AB

Scandinavia’s fastest consulting company!

Focus on business value in every assignment

Stretch AB is passionate about entrepreneurship. With our business model, we help small and large companies create profitable growth. We do this with a strong, consistent client focus and a distinct local presence. Our strategy builds on a pronounced entrepreneurial spirit, with the goal of achieving business value and quality in every assignment.


“The large small consultant”

Under the umbrella of Stretch AB there are seven subsidiaries that are focusing on different target groups and markets. As a result of the geographical reach we can offer our customers close cooperation while being able to supplement with specialists and services from our other units. Together, we guarantee a satisfied customer and that we always put business value in focus, regardless of need or challenge.

Stretch AB’s subsidiaries operate, and are responsible for, their business, but are assisted by Stretch AB in matters relating to recruitment, communications, sales, financial and legal issues. The parent company together with its subsidiaries develop and manage the brand Stretch. Together, we establish and run successful companies under a common brand.

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Sanna Andersson, CEO

Jan Maelum, Chairman

Business goals

Stretch owns and develops companies that are leaders in their own markets. We focus on creating business value for our customers and we always deliver top class!