Stretch Evolve

92% of companies need to evolve their business models to survive the speed of digitization.

Source: McKinsey and Company

Every day, we evolve the world with IT! We create value in everything we do for our customers who have SAP as a platform. We make the greatest difference by using our solutions in the best possible way for the business in the SAP market. The digital journey is at the top of our customers’ agenda, the competition is steep, and the end-user experience is everything in today’s world. We support many large customers in SAP by evolving their business models which create extra time for business development and reflection – two necessary steps to stay relevant and to make the right future decisions. But many large companies have old business IT systems, which need to evolve in order to meet today’s requirements for fast response time, short lead times and data driven decisions.

The development which makes a difference with our customers is the solutions that are competitive for a long time. “Successful SAP Life Cycle!”

This is where Stretch Evolve makes the difference! We always think one step ahead in all our SAP projects. The solution should work in the long term and it should also provide a roadmap to users to get full effect from the investments that have been made. We have invested heavily in the technical excellence of the latest in SAP such as Leonardo, S / 4 HANA, UX, BI as well as in our business-related consultants for certifications in Change Management, in order to help end users on the digital journey. Stretch has worked with SAP since it was founded in 2002 and we are three companies in the Swedish market (Stretch Evolve, Stretch Procurement and Stretch Gothenburg) who have 100% focus on making a difference for our SAP customers.

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Business goals

We create sustainable values ​​and solutions that are competitive over a long period of time, which match the customer's needs, situation and maturity. We continually help our customers to shift focus from project to whole. We together with our customers, create lasting results that we are proud of.