Stretch Oresund

We are the company that stands for commitment and innovation.

Technology, methodology and social skills in a superb combination

There is a tightly knit group of senior consultants in the heart of Malmö who work with all forms of processes, methodologies and technologies on behalf of their clients. Our clients rely on us to improve their processes and systems. The basic idea is to enable them to increase revenue and reduce costs. To accomplish this, we need a thorough understanding of the targeted business values. We also need to be well versed in the art of gaining the support of clients’ organizations. This demands experience and both social and technical skills. And it demands boldness.

Good results are achieved for our clients and business values are maximized through our combination of flexibility and exceptional expertise. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and taking new approaches. Moreover, a warm and pleasant working environment for both our colleagues and clients is always a priority. This is Stretch Öresund!

We’re always looking to take the next step, to try something new. We begin with our clients’ needs and then adapt the technology accordingly, not the opposite. Value comes through usage – we’ve learned this from experience. The goal is to be the best in what we do. We believe that a group of experts is best able to provide sustainable value and quality, and at a significantly lower cost.

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Our core

We’re especially strong in business analysis and project management where we combine agile methods with the more traditional. We have fantastic developers and architects on the Microsoft platform with .NET, web services and SharePoint. We often work with business intelligence, primarily using Microsoft and Qlik solutions. We can provide a fantastic workplace with Office 365 as a service. But it’s not the technology and methods that are in focus with us – it’s the business value we create for our clients. We believe in making deliveries in small steps, with strong expertise and being a SINGLE team for each client. It is then that we can produce the highest business value from our clients’ investments.

Business goals

We create amazing business by changing the rules of the game with leading services and specialists.