Stretch Public

Our customers are facing challenges that demand change.

Automation and digitalization

Our customers in the public sector are facing challenges that demand change. The challenges are related to among other things, skills maintenance, information (right time, right format, right recipient, etc.) and efficiency. Our customers are constantly striving to find new opportunities for automation and digitalization.

In customers’ work with change and development, there are demands and needs both from the organization and from IT. Development is normally in small steps in day-to-day operations with the focus on continuous improvements. On our assignments, the ordering party is often in the operational branch of an organization.

Here are some examples of what we have helped our customers with:

  • Simplified reporting
  • Standardized economic model for government agencies
  • Resource support/support/backup/system administrators
  • Tailored courses in Agresso Browser, Excelerator and other tools
  • Efficiency measures and automation
  • Process surveys
  • Tailored documentation, quick guides, administrative documentation
  • Security reviews


Our team presently consists of:

  • Business specialists with expertise in project management, administrative management, change management, controller processes, steering, internal checks, etc.
  • System specialists with skills in Unit4 Business World (UBW/Agresso), BI tools, etc.
  • Information specialists with expertise in master data, etc.

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Business goals

We help organizations take the next step in the digital transformation. We do that with a foundation in consultancy regarding Unit4 Business World (formerly knows as Agresso) and with deep knowledge within administrative processes.