Stretch Stockholm

We develop the world with IT

Innovation, curiosity and courage

We develop the world – every day! In everything we do – We create value for our customers with technology as a foundation. We accomplish this thru innovation, curiosity and courage – and we prefer to do it in small steps. With technology as our backbone we dare to evolve with our market. We help individuals and organizations to develop for the long-term, for sustainability and focus on maximal business value – supported by IT.

Our belief is that focus on innovation and new technology is a fundament for successful investments. Finding new ways to deliver what the market needs, utilizing the digital possibilities and embracing new thoughts. This is how we help our customers in our assignments. Stretch Stockholm develops the world with IT. With a pronounced entrepreneurial spirit and thoughtfulness, we challenge the client and each other to constantly think about innovation and get largest business value for every penny.


We develop the world with IT

Our consultants are outstanding in what they do! We have specialists in Purchasing, Customer Relationship Management, Change Management, Data to Decision and Platform Development. As a team and with care for customers and each other we always solve the task at hand, that is the strength of our company. Together we guarantee value delivered and satisfied customers – nothing else is good enough for us.

Expectations on ourselves? To always take new steps in the quest for customer value, and an evolving world, with technology as a fundament. Curious on how? Contact us and we will tell you more!

Business goals

We help our customers to shift focus continuously, going from short term to long term. This creates lasting results that we both are proud of. We care for our customers and employees in a unique way. We always have business value in mind, for the organization as well as the individuals. With curiosity, we develop the world and the market in Stockholm with new technology.