Our Customers View

Small steps to Business value with Stretch

Getting feedback from our customers is the best measurement of the true business value we contribute with. During the spring of 2016, we carried out a small survey that was answered by 25 of our customers with the purpose of receiving feedback and measuring customer satisfaction.

What do you think about our deliveries?

The first three questions consisted of statements that were rated by our customers using any number on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 meaning “I strongly disagree” and 10 meaning “I strongly agree”. The last question was an open one. The statements were:

  • Stretch delivers high quality!
  • It is appreciated working with the consultants from Stretch!
  • Stretch’s deliveries live up to the expectations that was promised at the point of sell!
  • Would you recommend Stretch to another customer (Yes/No)?

In the results we have removed the two best and the two worst answers in order to get as fair picture as possible.


What’s the first thing coming to your mind when thinking of Stretch?

The following are quotes from clients to Stretch:

“Strong willingness to help their customers. I have a very positive image of Stretch!”

“Amazing quality”

“It’s easy to work with Stretch. Stretch is good at keeping up with new technologies.”

“No presitige , which I appreciate”

“They have come up with suggestions for improvement and been proactive.”

” I appreciate working with Stretch.”

“Very good expertise and competence.”

“They take initiative, work hard and deliver quality, again and again.”

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