Our employees view

One of Sweden’s best workplaces

The greatest place to work is one of our strategies, and an area in which we constantly strive to improve.

One of Sweden’s greatest workplaces

On March 16th, Great Place to Work® Institute  announced Sweden’s best places to work. Stretch is on the list of the top companies in Sweden 2016 as well.

2016 Stretch was placed 16th on the list for Sweden’s medium-sized businesses; this category has most the highest number of participating companies, and despite the steep competition, we had our best results ever.

According to Great Place to Work®, the final list of winners are all successful in creating genuine trust and a sustainable approach between the leaders and employees in their respective organizations. For Stretch, the overall result is awesome and one that we are very proud of!

It is with pride and pleasure that I accept this award. I’m not surprised, but very happy. The key to our success is that we consciously and continuously work with our culture and our core values. We believe in a close dialogue and working as one team in everything we do. To be the most attractive workplace is one of our group strategies, and this award shows that we are doing a great job.

– Malin Anjou, CEO of Stretch

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Dedicated employees

96% of our employees responded to the ‘Great Place to Work’ survey and 98% of them said that the statement “All in all, I would say that Stretch is a great place to work” is true. This is awesome!

The questions in the survey were answered using a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means ’almost always false’ and 5 means ’almost always true’. The first page statements, from the survey, in full sentence were:

  • 96 % would recommend Stretch to others.
  • 94% I’m proud to tell others where I work
  • 99% The employees care about each other
  • 91% Leaders/managers show appreciation when someone does a good job and puts in the extra effort
  • 99% Would recommend our Sevices and products (new question for 2016)

Here are some similar statements included in the survey:

  • 96% Here employees look forward going to work
  • 98% The employees like to put in the extra effort in order to get the job done
  • 98% As a new employee, you feel very welcome
  • 99% This is a friendly workplace
  • 96% We celebrate special occasions
  • 97% Leaders/managers trust their employees to do a good job, without constant supervision
  • 93% I am given the resources I need to do my job
  • 93% Everybody can gain recognition and appreciation
  • 92% I am treated as an equal regardless of my position

Our employees’ view of us

Some quotes from our employees that further support the positive impression:

“A caring environment where most people sincerely care about each other.”

“The culture is unique and includes the idea of having fun!”

“We are well positioned in the market thanks to all of our awesome colleagues.”

“Stretch constantly strives to get better. The effort is worth much itself. It allows the organization to always stay alert to new impulses and ideas.”

“The corporate culture makes the difference with much genuine care! At Stretch we live as we learn – always!”

“The feeling that most things are possible. Taking ideas to the next level. Being able to trust people and knowing that everyone is doing their best.”

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