Business Intelligence

Those who know the most will win!

Increase business value with Business Intelligence

Companies that have the ability to extract important information from available data can gain important competitive advantages. Knowledge of the business, surrounding environment, and set goals is the foundation for making the right decisions that lead to improved business value. Simply put; those who know the most will win!

Efficiency creates circumstances!

Business intelligence is to create circumstances for an organization to act in the correct way. That is, making the right decisions at the right time. The foundation is knowledge of the surrounding environment, the current situation and the organization’s goals. Data is collected, organized, and made accessible and understandable to users. We call this process Data to Decision, D2D. An effective D2D process involves:

  • short lead times from data being created to being accessible as a basis for decision making
  • high quality of the master data
  • high availability information
  • high usability

If this process does not work, important decisions may be delayed or absent as data never reaches the users, or a decision might be made based on false information. The lack of speed, quality and accessibility creates unnecessary costs.

In a world where the amount of data, the complexity, and the need for faster decisions increase, the companies that have an effective D2D process will be winners. It is these companies that will maximize the business value – as the value comes from the usage, not the tool itself.

Business Intelligence

Maximize the business value with Stretch – analyze your data and be more efficient!

Stretch offers services in Business Intelligence and Master Data to streamline your D2D process. We help our clients to:

  • establish and develop processes and practices.
  • implement and use tools and applications
  • develop effective and useful solutions

Our BI consultants are all experts in one or more of the leading BI platforms (SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP BPC, QlikView, QlikSense, Microsoft BI suite including Azure Power BI). We create solutions that go hand in hand with your goal. Want to know more? Contact us at today or check out the Stretch blog, where we gathered exciting readings about how Business Intelligence can increase your business value.

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