Change Management

Realizing the value of change

Change Management is a key to success

Implementation of a new IT system affects the employees in terms of new ways of working, tasks, responsibilities, processes and routines. Besides ensuring that the system is tailored to the business needs, it is also vital to ensure that employees understand the purpose, and are motivated and able to adapt and use the system in a correct and efficient manner. With Efficient Change Management, we help businesses to facilitate value realization and goal achievement, with respect for the individual. “There is no such thing as an IT project, only change projects with varying degrees of digitalization” is an attitude in the marketplace that is gaining stronger foothold and that leads to more successful projects.

This is Efficient Change Management

Change Management is a structured and experiential approach that consist of processes, tools and techniques to lead individuals, teams and organizations from a current state, to a desired future state. We work with processes and role adjustments, and we facilitate role based training in a cost-efficient manner. Communication and focus on creating engagement among stakeholders, measurement and continuous improvement during the project lifecycle is also central to our work.


Efficient Change Management – The Stretch Way

Our Change Management experts has a desire and genuine interest in helping businesses succeed with change initiatives. We have the expertise and extensive practical experience with using various change management models and toolkits that we adapt to each individual change journey. We have experience from large and small change journeys in both local and global businesses. We have practical experience with several renowned models such as ASAP OCM/SAP Activate OCM, ADKAR and ACMP – The Standard for Change Management. Renowned change management models are an important starting point for a structured approach, but will never replace the importance of practical experience combined with knowledge, creativity and ability to understand and adapt to the specific situation. It is this combination that enables our change management experts at Stretch to tailor the correct approach to each individual organization’s change journey.
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