Corporate Banking

Efficient financial processes will maximize your business value

Efficient financial processes

Want your business to create efficient financial processes with industry-leading solutions for your company? Do you want:

  • Fewer and better IT solutions
  • Higher levels of automation
  • Inhouse Banking and Payment Factory
  • Business value through synergies between financial processes, IT solutions and corporate functions

If the answer is yes, Stretch has the experience and expertise within Corporate Banking that with small steps can support you to maximize business value. We believe in small steps in order to realize the value as quickly as possible and because we always start based on your circumstances.

Optimization Trends in Corporate Banking

End-to-end optimization, digitalization, centralization, more capable, easier and more powerful IT support, new financial services/actors – the Corporate Banking domain is currently in an exciting transformation. A journey toward greater financial efficiency, flexibility and refined commoditization of the services that drive companies’ financial flows. We at Stretch are well aware of the possibilities and challenges for our Nordic companies, and we often see an untapped potential in terms of business value within financial flows.

Corporate Banking

Stretch – identifies, supports and drives your change journey

No companies are the same. Our approach in your change journey, however, is generic and based on our skilled consultants’ unique and extensive corporate banking experience. We quickly and effecively highlight the five elements that make up your Corporate Banking DNA:

  • Process
  • Organisation
  • IT support
  • End-to-end efficiency
  • Change Agenda

Our promise is that we with limited resources will be able to identify your particular journey, based on your circumstances, where we highlight the activities that we see can realize business value the fastest.

Our Corporate Banking consultants cover IT support, process and business analysis as well as organizational change. We have extensive experience as consultants, architects, and developers, often in the form of being responsible for entire projects from start to finish. Our consultants have a unique breadth in the Corporate Banking, Treasury, and Financial Value Chain domain.

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