Optimize your IT investments

Integration – a central part of your IT strategy

Today’s business activities are closely intertwined, both internal and external. This creates great expectations on secure and flexible system integration, which is a central part of all our customers’ IT strategy. How well you succeed with the systems integration is a large factor of the ROI on your IT investments. The value comes from the usage! So, how is it for you? Do you have a robust solution that is future-proof?

Integration specialists with a broad toolkit

Our consultants have both great expertise in integration tools such as SAP PO and HCl / HCP as well as the ability to define the correct demands for end-to-end processes across multiple applications. We have a broad base of operational, application and process consultants who support the application side. Together, we make sure that you get a complete solution that works to maximize the business value.

Perhaps you have SAP as a base along with a “best of breed” –plethora of cloud applications. This puts greater demand on having a well thought-out strategy.


You can not afford to compromise

Poor integration solution that decreases the usability or collapses under heavy usage could become very expensive. A well-executed integration solution on the other hand, further improves and optimizes IT investments.

Our curiosity about you as a client along with new technologies in the field of integration will boost your IT department and ensure that you are in the forefront. We build solutions, set up support processes, and teach your IT department so that you can focus on your core business.

Stretch excels in the area of ​​integration with a wide range of complex and successful integration projects in ERP systems, with a focus on SAP and cloud, and the management thereof. You decide where you need assistance. You cannot afford to compromise! Contact us today for a customized team based on your needs.

If you want to know more about integrating SAP, SAP Ariba, Salesforce, Microsoft, Agresso or cloud applications in general, check out our blog for lots of inspiring readings.

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