Master Data Management

The right information and correct business decisions

Master Data Management, MDM – the right information and correct business decisions

Poor quality of data is one of the main reasons for so many business initiatives in IT not achieving their goals. The right quality of information is a must for succeeding in the information society of the future.

What is meant by Master Data Management?

Master Data Management entails understanding the value of the information that a company possesses. Understanding which decisions it should support, which users need the information and when. And in addition, knowing how the information is optimally compiled and managed.

The future’s information society with the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, etc. will create enormous amounts of data. This means both major challenges and opportunities for businesses. Do you already have problems with master data and poor quality in your reports? If so, it’s important to put the focus on this area now so that you don’t fall behind. The companies that succeed gain a competitive advantage and can use reports and analyses that support quick and correct business decisions.


Analyze your present situation and let Stretch help you with MDM

Stretch helps you to establish an understanding of your present situation and provides proposals on the right path forward. We are experienced in producing and presenting proposals for comprehensive MDM programs and we support you in the areas that are important. We base our analyses on Gartner’s 7-step model to clarify the areas that should be prioritized based on the various degrees of maturity within your company. Our experienced MDM consultants can analyze your present situation and then create solutions that focus on sustainability and business value.

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