Procurement makes a difference for your customers and for the world

Procurement makes a difference

Organizations, where procurement has moved away from a focus on savings towards a focus on value creation are the winners. When delivering customer value and sustainability, we find that the procurement function has greater impacts on the company’s results.

But what makes the difference? There are a lot of factors, but how the buying organization deal with its suppliers is a tremendously important factor. Ask about price and the suppliers will focus on reducing cost, squeezing their workforce at higher risks. Ask about value and sustainability and the suppliers will be forced to focus on their employees, the environment, resource management and other more qualitative aspects.


Stretch believes that a high performing Procurement function creates a better and more sustainable world and increased customer value whilst managing the costs.

We believe procurement makes a difference – for your customers and for the world!

This is our mission. This is what drives us to help you improve your procurement capabilities and transform the procurement function to a contributor in ways beyond savings.

Procurement Transformation – shifting focus

Our Procurement Transformation team helps you understand your internal and external potential, provides insights which allows you to develop strategies, processes, and tools to reach it. Transformation is about shifting focus and to proactively adding value throughout the organization and for your customers while creating a better world.

Many organizations measure the success of Procurement based on savings with little or no insight of the value created by the said savings. We believe Procurement should, in all their actions, have a focus on adding value.  The result of well-performed procurement work is positive profit impact. At one company we worked with, the Procurement transformation had a profound impact on the customer value which lead to a bottom line impact of more than five percent. At this multi-billion company such impact is vastly superior any former savings focused results.

Stretch will help you build great procurement capabilities.

Stretch offers development, advisory, transformation strategy and execution within the following capabilities

  • Category Management
  • Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Procure to Order
  • Pay and Financials
  • Spend Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability and CSR

Our vision is to be the leading procurement consultants in the Nordics and the main driver of innovative solutions for our clients. We help you with more than finding the potential. We help you realize the values. But, you should not only listen to us. Ask our customers how we have helped them. Check out our cases within Procurement or our blog.

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