Project and program Management

Achieve the highest business value in change initiatives

Small steps toward improved business value – together!

Stretch’s project and program managers are present in the clients’ everyday business. Our passion is to work with the client to achieve the highest business value in change initiatives. Based on our experience, we understand why regulatory processes, frameworks and cost focus is needed but we have a clear ambition to get our clients to take small steps each day toward a more value-focused delivery model. The saying goes “You get what you measure”, we help you to measure business value!

We have a situation-based approach to leadership

Regardless of management model (traditional/agile/hybrid), we have the experience to lead toward, and take responsibility for, deliveries that achieve results. We are good at managing the time/cost/quality aspects, however, we are convinced that if we deliver early and often, put the value ahead of cost, and create a strong feedback culture, we get, even more, value out of our deliveries. We also believe that it is better for the client if we focus on optimizing the flow of our deliveries instead of focusing on hard deadlines.


We run successful projects!

We have experienced consultants that successfully drive change and development projects, even in organizations unfamiliar to “project culture”. We have a variety of certifications in methods and extensive experience in several models; PRINCE2, PMP, scrum, to name a few. Our clients tells us that we are easy to talk to and pleasant to deal with!

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