Quality Management

Quality in all phases of the project

Quality Management – Secures project delivery

At Stretch, we focus on quality throughout the entire project development process, from contract and procurement initiation to the definition of requirements, solution design, throughout construction until production rollout.

We call this Quality Management. By focusing on Project Management and delivery from a qualitative perspective, not solely on software testing, we help our clients avoid the 70-80% of errors and deviations which are normally detected in production environments and which can be traced back to vague requirements and inadequate solution description. In traditional projects, tests are carried out after construction as part of the final phase, just before production rollout. Errors and deviations found late in the development process imposes delay risks and drive unwanted costs.

How do you achieve quality in all phases of the project?

In order to secure common understanding of quality assurance, mechanisms should be incorporated early and be part of the  contract. The contract shall ensure quality in all project phases, from the preparation of requirements and solution description until user acceptance test and production rollout. It is critical to define clear and tangible requirements, conduct static requirements test and follow up with continuous testing and checkpoints after each sprint. We ensure mechanisms for continuous improvement and process optimization so that we, in collaboration with our clients, continuously implement adjustments and utilize resources optimally. We belive that close collaboration is key to reach common goals.

Stretch, jogga

Stretch has the expertise you need

Stretch has certified test- and project managers with long experience within testing and quality management.

Our resources have extensive experience, from both public and private sectors. We have a passion for test and quality management and work closely with our clients to optimize results. Our consultants are Prince2 and ISTQB certified and we use well-established principles of Lean and Six Sigma to ensure continuous improvement.

Stretch helps to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget, but most important, with business value in focus. Curiuos to know more? Contact us or take a look at our blog where we have collected interesting reading about our fields.

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