JIRA Service Desk

Reply, solve, prioritize and automate

JIRA Service Desk – Dev and IT, better together

You want your end-users to be able to easily register incidents, questions and improvements. It should be easy to get help and your customers should be able to solve their problems themselves through self-service. Your service desk agents should be able to effectively focus on the tasks that are most highly prioritized. Quick access to customers’ previous cases and SLA transparency improve customer satisfaction. Getting maintenance teams and development teams to act as ONE team can be a challenge. In JIRA Service Desk IT and development works as one team. If a code correction is necessary, it should be easy to send the task to the development backlog and the agent to automatically receive status updates on the development task.

JIRA service desk

Sound good? Do as 20,000 other IT teams the world over – choose JIRA Service Desk.  A common platform built on JIRA sets the stage for collaboration between development and IT.  Tear down the barriers between development teams and support teams and let them work together to quickly resolve support cases. Work as ONE team!

Are you working in accordance with ITIL?

JIRA Service Desk is PinkVERIFY™ certified for service requests, incidents, problems and change management processes.

Add Confluence to your JIRA Service Desk and let your customers solve their problems themselves. Your agents create guides and articles based on good solutions in the support requests. These articles can later be used to help the next customer and they give you a living knowledge bank.

JIRA Service Desk consultants

JIRA Service Desk becomes your customer portal. Get help from the Stretch Atlassian Solution Partner team to kickstart your JIRA Service Desk deployment. We take full responsibility – from assembling your requirements to launch.

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