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Your fantastic workplace!

Wherever you like

You can work from home, on the road, outside sitting in a park – wherever you like. Use your phone, your tablet and your laptop, it’s up to you. We want you to feel free.

Tear down the walls

Collaborating across organizational borders boosts innovation and creativity. We make it easy for you to work together.

We make it simple

Lean back and focus on your core operations. Stretch makes sure your workplace functions as it should. Our skilled and friendly team is always there for you.

We are all individuals

You’ve invested in a fantastic platform. To get the most out of your investment, you want to make sure that everyone is along for the journey. We conduct courses and we’re at your side and help you take every small step forward.

Contact us for a meeting

We offer a free of charge meeting with us for a general appraisal of your operations and challenges. Meet and discuss how Office 365 and Stretch can help you accomplish your goals. You’ll also gain an overview of the investment. Contact Peter for a meeting.


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How does it work?

Full service with Stretch

We provide a service on a monthly basis with three different packages, and these packages can be combined. We provide you with Office 365 licenses and our Easy support service at a flat monthly fee. When you want courses and extra customization, you can instead sign up for our Custom service, or work things out directly with consulting services. We call our on-demand consulting services Pro. You can read more about these services below.

Signicat, Salesforce

Training is an accelerator

We give you a quick and secure start with tailored training. Our courses are interactive and we provide instruction through practical exercises on the participants’ own computers and smartphones.

The sessions are 1–4 hours in length depending on the subject, and the idea is that you combine several sessions into a course that’s right for your organization.  All participants receive access to simple video manuals so that they can refresh their memories later on.

Prices for our courses

A full day of training with two instructors costs from SEK 5000 per person for up to 15 persons. Subscribers to our Easy service receive a 20% discount on all courses. Below are some examples of the types of courses we offer.

A flat monthly fee

Stretch administers your Office 365 licenses through our partnership with Microsoft. The price is the same as when you buy directly from Microsoft. We help you determine the version of Office 365 you should buy for your users.

  • Mail (Exchange)
  • File management and backup (OneDrive)
  • Intranet (SharePoint)
  • Office suite (Word, Excel, …)
  • Social network (Yammer)
  • Video communication and chat (Skype)
  • And much more...

Support and maintenance. We cover Office 365 with our team. The service is standardized to maximize value and is paid via a flat monthly fee. With this as a foundation, you don’t need to designate one of your own employees to administer and learn all the ins and outs of Office 365.

  • Guaranteed availability
  • Users and resources
  • Document and information structures
  • Role and Access Management
  • Support for when problems arise with Office 365
  • Licenses and cost allocation
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Training and customization. We can complement Easy with extra services tailored to your needs. With a higher monthly fee, you get a time bank that you can use whenever you like.

  • Advanced Office 365 customization
  • Training
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Development of new features
  • Reports and analysis with Power BI
  • Buy complete packages from Stretch

Consulting services. All of our services can also be purchased individually, at either a flat fee or variable fee.

Complete packages

We have several packages that are especially useful when first moving over to Office 365. These packages can be purchased either as a part of the Custom service or as stand-alone packages.

Price example for migration of accounts and email

Here is an example to give you an idea of our prices. For a typical migration for a company with 200 employees that wants to synchronize its users with a local AD, and migrate their email to Office 365, the price is about SEK 80,000. This includes meetings, technical analysis, basic setup of Office 365, DNS administration and a rolling (hybrid) migration to minimize disturbances to ordinary operations.

How does it work?

  1. Getting started

    We conduct workshops so that we can work together in determining your needs and to analyze the present situation in your organization. Together we map out the road ahead.

  2. Moving to Office 365

    If you don’t already have Office 365 we’ll help you to get started – we’ll move your email, accounts and files. We do this in small steps so that everyone can keep up.

  3. Training

    We train your employees so that you’ll gain maximum value from your investment. The courses are adapted to your needs.

  4. Asking for help

    Our skilled support staff is there when you need help. Finding the best solutions to your problems is something we take considerable pride in.

  5. Customization

    We continue customizing the service for you in small steps. We’ll begin the journey together, and with time, we’ll get to know you better and better. We can then identify new needs as they arise and together create your fantastic workplace.

We create your workplace in small steps

Move your users, email and files over to Office 365. Begin using Office apps in the right way. Make sure you have access to email, meetings and your most recently changed files on both your computer and smartphone.

Explore the new components in Office 365. What is included and what can provide added value for your organization? Components for working with and sharing information, for example, are very useful. Being able to set up video conferences with Skype and creating a social network with Yammer are a few more good examples.


Continuously adapt to changes in your organization. We establish support on your intranet for your operational processes. We analyze your data with Power BI. We help you reach out to your customers and partners.

Contact us

We are looking forward to hearing from you. We’d be happy to meet over a cup of coffee and go through your questions and thoughts. All questions are welcome and together we can find the solution that’s best for your organization.

My name is Peter Ekerot and you can reach me at +46738130737 , or via the contact form below.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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