Prosci Change Management Training

Six different Prosci programs for you and your organization

Successful change management

Most successful company-wide change initiatives start small. With one or two key people bringing proven change management practices to the organization through rigorous training.

Train your organization

Prosci training is more than just an event you attend. It’s something that you fully experience. So the moment you leave, you can begin helping your organization adapt to new changes, improve company culture, and achieve better project results.

Global affiliate for Prosci

As a global affiliate for Prosci, Stretch provides support for building change management capability, including training.

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Our Prosci training programs

Stretch offers six role-based Prosci programs in Change Management:

  1. Sponsor Briefing

  2. Change Management Certification Program

  3. Delivering Project Results

  4. Manager Program

  5. Employee Orientation

  6. Fundamentals of Change Management

The Prosci Programs

Sponsor Briefing (4-6 hours)

Executive sponsorship has been cited as the greatest contributor to successful change in all ten of Prosci’s benchmarking studies—by a three-to-one margin. This half-day program provides senior leaders with the knowledge and ability to improve change outcomes. Leveraging an organization’s current strategic change portfolio, we demonstrate the critical connection between effective change management and achieving business results.

Client specific training on demand

More information about Sponsor Briefing

Certification Program (3 days)

During this three-day experiential learning program, participants will gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. They will also apply holistic change management methodology to a current project during the program. Participants will leave with a change management plan designed to effectively manage change and enhance project results.

Open enrollment in Oslo (in collaboration with proacteur) & Client specific training on demand

More information about the Certification Program

Delivering Project Results (4-6 hours)

This results-oriented, half-day workshop enables project managers to integrate change management into active projects, a practice that is key in delivering enhanced results. Project leaders will leave with an understanding of the importance of change management in meeting project objectives and with a common language for change.

Client specific training on demand

More information about Delivering Project Results workshop

Manager Program (8 hours)

In this program, managers gain the skills to address barriers to change and lead their teams proactively to a future state with improved organizational results. This one-day Change Management Program for Managers defines their role in change and provides managers with the practical framework and toolset they need to be effective change leaders.

Client specific training on demand

More information about Manager Program

Employee Orientation (8 hours)

The Change Management Employee Orientation program gives employees the ability to process changes that are impacting them. This one-day program equips front-line employees with the framework and skills to lead themselves through change and transform their organization from a culture of resistance to a culture of resilience.

Client specific training on demand

More information about Employee Orientation program

Fundamentals of Change Management (8 hours)

This one-day experiential learning program provides participants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and organizational benefits of effective change management. The program applies five tenets of change management to a specific project or change initiative to build awareness and desire for change management.

Client specific training on demand

More information about Fundamentals of Change Management

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