Dell Boomi

Complex data integration made easy

Fast and flexible view of your data

Do you want a fast and flexible way to integrate and monitor your data? Dell Boomi connects different systems and data sources in a simple and clear way so that you can focus on the process rather than coding. Let us show you how Dell Boomi can improve your data integration.

We know Dell Boomi

Together with our customers we create stable processes for integration, overview of data sources and validation of master data. This is a good foundation to be able to use the information effectively in other systems. Additionally, new integrations are easily added when necessary. Dell Boomi is a cloud solution, meaning you do not have to worry about server capacity. In addition, the maintenance and service can be tailored to your business needs.

Integration Dell Boomi

With Dell Boomi Stretch can help you make the complex simple!

Our process experts chart your existing data and provide suggestions on further information gathering, when necessary. Our Dell Boomi experts build flexible integration and validation opportunities that create value for you. This enables a process focusing on close cooperation, and creates knowledge and flexibility in system design. This why we know that together we create the most business value for you as a customer.

At Stretch, we believe in implementations in small steps. By realizing the results as soon as possible in the project life cycle, we know that we focus on the right thing, the business value, allowing that the project path can be adapted to your pace and needs.

Dell Boomi licenses

Dell Boomi has a transparent and flexible pricing model. The price is adjusted according to your needs and the solution is completely scalable. Therefore, the price will always reflect your real needs. With a cloud-based solution the high implementation costs are history. Additionally, Dell Boomi has an exceptional time-to-market for new integration platforms.


Want to test it yourself? You always have the opportunity to get a free 30-day trial period with Dell Boomi. Contact us today and let us tell you more about the trial and how we can help you get started with Dell Boomi.

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