Optimizes complex SAP landscapes

If you have a complex SAP landscape

Need to protect your information? Do you store personal information in SAP that is subject to GDPR? Do you need to divide up your SAP landscape in new companies? Are there challenges involving costs and long delivery times for administering your SAP landscape? Will you be migrating to SAP HANA and want to minimize costs? Do you need to improve the quality of data in development, testing and training systems?

These are examples of questions that we address with the assistance of our partner EPI-USE Labs.

EPI-USE Labs – for optimizing SAP landscapes

EPI-USE Labs has been delivering add-ons for SAP since 2006, with a focus on creating more business value from SAP installations and reducing TCO. Basically a product company with innovative technology that has been able to create several products and application areas. EPI-USE Labs is also a service company, which together with Stretch, optimizes SAP landscapes and makes them more efficient and powerful. With solutions from EPI-USE Labs, a Basis organization can be more efficient and previously expensive initiatives suddenly become possible.


Resolves challenges where the focus is on information

There are operational challenges in widely differing areas, but what they often have in common is that information and data sets are to be handled. With EPI-USE Labs products, we can resolve several highly related operational challenges:

  • Compiling with GDPR legislation, often achieved by surveying personal information, scrambling sensitive information and even assuring “the right to be forgotten”, which can typically be difficult in SAP landscapes
  • Securing division and merging of information when purchasing or selling businesses
  • Optimizing SAP landscapes with new techniques for quicker and less expensive administration
  • With a HANA migration or before a QA system refresh, for example, limiting the amount of information to be processed in order to save on storage space and licensing costs
  • Frequent updating of QA, testing and development environments with relevant and anonymized production data

Are you facing one or more of these challenges? Contact us at Stretch and we’ll guide you to the right solution from EPI-USE Labs. It’s not out of the question that a single product will resolve several challenges at once.

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