Fast, elegant and flexible analysis of your business data

Fast and flexible method for analysis and reporting of business data

Need a quick and flexible method for analyzing and reporting your business data? Do you want to be able to combine this with external sources, such as Google, Facebook and public available information? Do you, as we do, know that information is a powerful tool that should be used to its best? If you answer yes to these questions, let us show you how the Qlik platform can make this possible for you.

Scandinavia’s most innovative Qlik consultants

We take advantage of the power of information. Together with our customers, we create an innovative environment for business intelligence. We solve your existing requirements for reporting and analysis, and we challenge and take it to the next level. We create a platform where increased demands on visual data analysis, self-service and advanced security are included. We give your organization access to an exciting new world of insights and data centers.

Qlik creates settings – Stretch has the experience to realize value

We know that value comes from the utilization! We therefore help you map your existing information, give you suggestions on additional sources, and guide you in how Qlik best fits into your existing BI environment. This allows for the most flexible and scalable solution for you with a wide variety of data sources such as MS SQL, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Excel, CSV, XML, HTML and more.


Our extensive expertise in SAP and Qlik allows us to quickly create reports and provide analyzes and visualizations from your existing SAP environment. We are also able to use SAP’s well-known security model on the Qlik platform, making implementation and integration very smooth. We believe in close dialogue and always have a close cooperation with our customers. Our focus is to create business value for every penny. Therefore, we focus on the utilization and draw upon the investment that you have already made. This way, Qlik creates maximum business value for you.

At Stretch, we believe in implementations in small steps, which is when we provide the most value for you. We want to deliver results as soon as possible and adapt the journey to your pace and your needs.

Are you curious about how Qlik can help you become a winner in information? Contact us today!

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