Maximizing business value with a leading CRM solution

Be successful with Salesforce

Are you going to implement Salesforce or is your current Salesforce solution in need of improvement? Let some of Scandinavia’s best CRM consultants, with Salesforce certification, from us at Stretch help you! We know value comes from the utilization and we will help you maximize business value from every penny.

Why Salesforce Consultants from Stretch?

In collaboration with our customers, we ensure that your implementation of Salesforce solves your challenges and improves your customer relations in sales, customer service and marketing. Our Salesforce consultants are all certified in their area of ​​expertise and in combination with long experience managing CRM initiatives, we will help you succeed!

A Salesforce Consultant from Stretch stands out as our deliveries are characterized by consideration, focus on results and excellence in Salesforce. You will notice the difference with a Salesforce consultant from Stretch; that is a promise.


Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software, and we really like it. We see that it enables great opportunities for the company to grow and become more effective in sales, customer service and marketing. We notice this at our clients where we deliver Salesforce projects today.

Get the value of your Salesforce investment

We help you implement Salesforce or improve an already existing Salesforce implementation. We help you increase the use and thereby the value of your investment. Do you need a Salesforce partner to review and streamline your business processes in the best possible way? You are not alone. We have the experience and will guide you through a successful Salesforce implementation!

Do you want to know more, or hear what we have done with other great clients? Do not hesitate to contact us today with your questions regarding Salesforce or our awesome consultants at Stretch.

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