SAP Ariba

The cloud-based solution for digitized purchasing functions

SAP Ariba – the leading cloud-based solution for digitized purchasing functions

Do you wish that all your suppliers were connected to your purchasing system? What if your suppliers came to you to participate in a tender? What if when the contract is won, all communication could take place electronically with the same data? Would you also wish that your purchasing solution had built-in performance metrics for your suppliers? This is the reality with a digitized purchasing function. SAP Ariba is the leading cloud-based solution that helps you with the entire purchasing process. From procurement and supplier management to contract management and catalog orders, and to invoicing. SAP Ariba is one of our main business areas where we invest much effort and expertise.

The Nordic’s most experienced SAP Ariba Consultants

Stretch has the most experienced SAP Ariba consultants in the Nordic region and we can give you advice on how to move your purchasing processes to a future-oriented cloud solution with SAP Ariba. Our awesome consultants have extensive expertise in all phases of SAP Ariba projects. Our consultants focus on business value. They therefore have a particularly good understanding of the organizational structure that must be in place to obtain the most value from the solution, alongside specific expertise in SAP Ariba. By knowing SAP Ariba this well and thus contributing to the solution being utilized and the value realized, we know that we are looking to give customers maximum business value for every penny.


How does cloud-based purchases work?

SAP Ariba has, through the Ariba Network, become the world’s largest business network. The key to success is to provide the same information to all parties. Heavy and complex one-to-one solutions between the customer and supplier are gone. Instead, SAP Ariba gives everyone the opportunity to have many-to-many connections with both large and small players. SAP Ariba is currently used by everything from large global players to medium sized local companies that want to streamline their purchasing processes. SAP Ariba is unique by allowing the suppliers to be responsible for their own master data that is then integrated into your ERP system. This allows you to focus on more strategic and value-adding activities instead of purely operational tasks.

SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba – The Stretch Way

Stretch can deliver the complete lifecycle of an SAP Ariba solution. From conceptual, strategic initiatives to the business case, project implementation, integrations, back-end and continuous improvement, operations and support.

Stretch excels in purchasing and SAP Ariba through the combination of solid expertise and experience in purchasing and many extensive SAP Ariba projects. We give it an extra edge with strong expertise and extensive knowledge in project and change management – the Stretch way!

Curious regarding how we can help your purchasing department into the digital future? Contact us today or download our guide on SAP Ariba as a solution.