Flexibility and innovation!

Want to benefit from the latest from SAP?

Enterprises in all industries are undergoing major changes in the wake of digitalization and shifting customer behavior. SAP’s customers and SAP itself are no exceptions. SAP’s product portfolio has been changed from the ground up recent years.

Traditional expertise is still the foundation, but with SAP’s new products and technologies, entirely new demands are being placed on all who work with SAP. Stretch combines many years of experience with SAP with the new technologies SAP is utilizing. We’re accustomed to work with, for example, user-centric development, mobile solutions, visualization, agile methods, web technologies and in-memory databases.

We combine this with knowledge of traditional SAP products and of the new products which SAP is building its future. Products such as S/4, HANA, Ariba, SAP Cloud Platform, C4C and Business ByDesign.

Stretch & SAP – a partnership at the leading edge

Stretch has solid experience of SAP and all of its technological shifts over the years. We want to always be a partner at the leading edge, and because SAP development is moving so quickly, we make sure we’re where things happen. Each year, we send a group of our consultants to SAP TechEd and other events so that we can give our clients the latest capabilities as well as to further develop our own company.


Our consultants are specialists in SAP and how business value can be created with support in the technology. We do this as application consultants, technology consultants or as project and change managers. Usually through a combination of these roles.

SAP is now making its third major generational shift for its product portfolio since the start in 1972. At this stage, it’s especially important to both be knowledgeable of the history and thoroughly familiar with the technologies that are new to SAP, but not to the rest of the IT world.

HANA and SAP’s cloud technologies

Will you be developing your SAP landscape and see HANA and SAP’s cloud technologies as a part of your future? We believe that a successful journey of change in a company that uses SAP is based on innovative change. With insight into SAP’s roadmap and your business objectives, we at Stretch can guide you through this change. We help you to create the conditions for new ways of working and the structures that take advantage of SAP’s product portfolio.

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