Secure electronic signature

Reach your customers safe, effective, and digital!

Are you looking for the best way to embed secure digital authentication, login and signing in your business processes? Stretch and our partner Signicat provides services and solutions that helps you to meet your digital customers in a secure and efficient way.

Take part in the best cross-border solution on the market

Signicat is the sole solution providing cross-border identification and signing services for all national ID methods such as Norwegian BankID. Signicat delivers one solution and one interface that will support all your local markets across all continents.

Get rid of all manual and paper based contract solutions.

There are several good arguments for replacing your manual and paper based processes with secure electronic signature solutions. This will enforce an increased trust for your company, and your customers and partners are more willing to sign your contracts. Additionally, you will experience a considerable decrease in response time for all your contracts.

Signicat, Salesforce

Signicat Sign for Salesforce By Stretch

Stretch has designed and delivered a plugin application for Salesforce embedding Signicat Sign into your Salesforce processes. A simple installation and configuration is all it takes to be able to distribute your contracts and other documents needing signatures using Signicat Sign signature flow. Our skilled Salesforce consultants are also able to help you fit this modularized app to support your custom processes and needs. If you already use Salesforce and need digital signatures, or you are considering migrating to Salesforce and have this as a requirement, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you. Check out out product video.

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