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Is your organization asking for more data, faster and with greater integrity? We wouldn’t be surprised, as businesses must digitally transform and become more reliant on more data to support key objectives and take decisions faster and with more accuracy. To enable the business with data, you must solve these two problems at the same time and do it a scale.

The data must be timely, because digital transformation is all about speed, accelerating time to market – whether for real-time decision making or delivering personalized customer experiences.

But speed isn’t enough. For data to enable decision-making and deliver exceptional customer experiences, data integrity is required. This means delivering accurate data that’s providing a complete picture to make the right decision and has traceability.

Talend consultants from Stretch

We understand the value of data and how it can give you a competitive edge. Drawing on our long experience from delivering successful Business Intelligence projects, we help you implement Talend’s solutions. The objective is to increase data integrity, ensure that the right data is made available timely and to the right decision makers in your organization. Together, we enable ideas and incentives for digital transformation in your organization at scale, without compromising data integrity.

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About Talend

Talend, a leader in cloud integration, delivers the force multiplier needed for businesses to disrupt current data economics and put more data to work, faster. Talend’s integration platform, Talend Cloud, helps companies meet the demands of increasing data volumes, users, and use cases by liberating data from legacy infrastructure, making the most of market innovations, and enabling IT and business to collaborate in the creation and use of trusted data.

Over 1,500 global enterprise customers have chosen Talend to put their data to work. More than a third of the Fortune 100 U.S. companies are Talend customers including GE, HP Inc., and Domino’s. Talend has been recognized as a leader in its field by leading analyst firms and industry publications including Forbes, InfoWorld and SD Times.

Talend is Nasdaq listed (TLND) and based in Redwood City, California.

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