The Stretch Way

Stretch is an innovative consulting company working closely with our customers. We are the large small consultant who delivers with personality and creates business value. We have the culture and closeness of a small company combined with the strengths of a large organization – this is Stretch! We are all about the deliveries of our awesome employees. Together we create and develop Stretch into the fantastic company that we are!


Stretch is a consulting company within IT and business development. A company that combines warmth and humility with courage and competitive spirit. We hope you will join us on our successful journey!


At Stretch, we are all consultants. We focus on the business value for our customers and we live as we learn. This is one of our greatest strengths. Our goal is to maximize the business value for our customer and we prefer to do it in small steps.


We are not trying to be perfect, just better than we were yesterday, both as a company and as individuals.


All of our customers will drive great businesses where resources are utilized for true business value. We stretch their processes with awesome technology.

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We deliver value and care for each other

Hi! My name is Hampus and I am a Business Area Manager at Stretch in Malmö. I am responsible for our project managers and business analysts. I also work as…

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Being part of Stretch is unique

My name is Andreas and I’m a consultant at Stretch. As Project Manager, I’m responsible for e-commerce as well as customer and product management.

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I get to help organizations develop in different areas!

My name is Jesper and I’m working as a consultant within purchasing. I help our customers transform their purchasing processes and tools.

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The role as a consultant is not as lonely as I thought it would be. It’s the opposite!

My name is Kristina and I’m working as Business Consultant at Stretch. The best part of my job is the fact that I get to meet people and a chance…

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Business Development

  • Project Management

    Project managers at Stretch always focus on business value! This means guiding our customers with agile methods and facing their challenges together. Since Stretch’s first days as a company, one of our strengths has been the combination of our business competence and our strong technical skills. In our deliveries, we work together as a united team – joining business and IT together!

  • Performance Management

    Irrespective of the process or industry, business development and performance management are vital areas for our customers. We have extensive experience in areas such as finance, procurement, decision support, and so on. Requirements gathering and case management processes are also areas where we have great demand from our customers.

  • Business Intelligence and Masterdata

    In order to maximize business value you need knowledge about your business, your goals, and the world around you. Those who have the most information will win the most! Stretch delivers services and solutions covering everything from raw business data into information that helps you make the right decisions.

  • Procurement

    We would like to help our customers reach their full potential in the area of procurement; this includes the use of procurement throughout the customer’s entire organization, not only as a channel to suppliers. Plain and simple, we want our customers’ procurement organization to become an integral part of their business.

  • Change Management

    When Stretch is involved in developing a business, one of our priorities is to work with change management. Change management primarily involves guiding the organization and meeting the user on their terms. Communication and education are important components in this context. Within Learning we cover the entire spectrum from strategy to realization.

  • Customer Relationship Management - CRM

    We define CRM, Customer Relationship Management, as anything that affects a company’s dealings with its customers, regardless of marketing, sales, customer support or channel. With our strong CRM expertise and focus on operational leadership, we make things happen, both in business and IT.


  • Ariba

    Do you want agreements with your suppliers that will produce sustainable savings, providing your organization with best possible value? This requires a strategic Sourcing and operational procurement solutions and processes. SAP Ariba is one of the strongest Procurement tools in the market, and at Stretch, we help to ensure that organizations set-up and use Ariba to its full potential, with the most effective processes and governance to ensure maximum business value.

  • Salesforce

    Stretch has a long history of focusing on Customer relations, offering services for all processes that influence customer relationships. We concentrate our expertise within Sales, Communication, Customer Service, and Marketing, with increasing demand for project managers and specialists within Salesforce.

  • Integration

    No matter what technology or platform used, questions around integration are always central, not least given that most customers are using several systems. The challenge is even greater when it is time to integrate on-premise solutions with cloud-based applications, while also ensuring a unified experience. This is a great environment for our Integration consultants!

  • Microsoft .Net

    Solutions built with Microsoft .NET and the associated frameworks and open sources available has great potential. Perfectly customized solutions for unique needs. Highest possible performance. Web pages and apps that are really user-friendly. And also complex processes and integrations. For this to create business value for the client, you need both technology and understanding of the business.

  • SharePoint and Office365

    At Stretch we use SharePoint to support our large customers’ business processes and we create great workplaces. At the same time Office 365 have a great impact on the market, allowing us to create business value even for smaller companies. The combination of our deep knowledge in SharePoint and a our service offering for Office 365 is very powerful.

  • System Management

    Many companies feel uncertain about their SAP landscape(s). RUNBasis365 – powered by Stretch – provides a safe, simple, and scalable system management regarding SAP. Our consultants are available if things become critical and our expertise in SAP Basis and Authorization is required. At Stretch, we support our customers around the clock, depending on their needs and their SAP landscape.

  • Atlassian

    Atlassian is a fast-growing field of applications. Our Atlassian team at Stretch guides and supports customers’ processes in tailor-made Atlassian solutions, such as Jira and Confluence. Together we create collaboration platforms that contribute to a positive working environment – giving our customers added value and better results.

  • SAP

    SAP is the world-leading provider of enterprise systems, and at Stretch we have managed all types of SAP improvement projects. For example, we have merged several SAP systems during acquisitions, implemented templates, developed new functionalities and/or improved existing solutions, and have integrated SAP with other applications.

  • Agresso

    Among small and medium-sized organizations, Unit4 Business World, or Agresso as it was previously known, is the most frequently used ERP solution – particularly in the Public sector. With a background in focused services for the Public sector, we have developed expertise within Agresso.

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